Isaka Style Japan


Members who have great ability and have worked their way up in the group for years become part of KIRAKU, a subgroup for the highest ranking members. These outstanding musicians regularly give concerts in many countries and play an important role as teachers for the education of the 200 students represented in the group.


The Kikoh-kai is a group in which players from the age of a kindergartner to seniors are represented. They learn the Tsugaru shamisen from the teachers of Kiraku. The group is spread across Japan from Tokyo, Kanagawa to Hiroshima and beyond. As Japan's largest Tsugaru-Shamisen group, they are known for their great and passionate concerts with a very large number of players.


In the Tsukuba University in Ibaraki Japan, the group Mugen-juku, exists for 24 years which is strongly bound to the Kiraku. Its students learn shamisen, Japanese drums, dance and koto from the teachers of Kiraku. In their performances they play traditional music from the South Okinawa Islands to North Hokkaido, but also like to mix modern music and European instruments with each other.  The group is the winner of a group tournament in 2012, played together with 20 students, and the 3rd place winner of a folk dance competition in Hirosaki last year, in which many professional dance groups from all over Japan took part. This year is the 25th anniversary of this group. Through this group a total of 600 students have been trained so far, of which about 20 students have achieved a diploma as teachers. This group has given concerts in many different countries such as Taiwan, Canada, Mexico and also here in Switzerland.